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Compensation and Disclosure Policy Statement

Affiliate Disclosure

This website belongs to the personal websites which are created and updated only by the owners. If you want to receive any further information concerning the activities of this website, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email.

A variety of compensation types including sponsorship, cash advertising, paid insertions, and others are permissible on the website.

Advertising materials, topics, and posts which you can find on this website may be dependent on the type of compensation the website receives. The content we post is not necessarily set equal to the content for which we get compensation.

The website owner receives payment for publication of special content with regard to various websites, products, and services. However, despite the fact that the owner of this website gets payment for the publication of different advertising content and other information on the website, objectiveness and faithfulness of the views, conclusions, reviews, and other content is ensured.

All the findings, reviews, and other information which can be found on the website demonstrate just the editor’s position concerning a particular topic. The exhaustive information concerning any specific service, product or information given on the website may be found out by means of direct contact with the manufacturer, supplier and/or any other requested party.

The publication of any content on the website is out of relation to the owner’s personal interests.

Health Disclaimer

The Food and Drug Administration gave no approval concerning any information available on this website. Under any circumstances, never use the content that has a relation to any product and service posted on the website for setting a diagnosis, treating or decreasing a likelihood of any disorder.

If a particular person on this website reported of own experience of a certain product or service use, it does not mean that your own experience has to be the same. The results which different people get may also differ for many reasons. That is why each user may have own, contrast with yours opinion concerning the issues considered on this website.

The users should never forget that the intake of any nutritional supplements and pills has to complement a multi-faceted approach to curing any medical condition. The supplementation has to be combined with a healthy eating plan and a well thought-out workout program. You must consult a healthcare provider before you adhere to any diet and workout plan, as well as start using any supplements in order to avoid any health risks.