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Doctor Patient Relationship

Patients suffering from obesity often opt for administration of anorexigenic drugs in order to improve not so much their medical condition as the quality of life. Some patients feel chronically hungry and they hope that prescription of anorectics will help them relieve hunger. Is it really necessary to take these favorable weight loss consequences into...More Please

7 Natural Weight Loss Supplements

Table of Contents Chromium PicolinateChitosanCaffeine EphedrineDietary FibersGarcinia CambogiaGreen Tea Catechinsß-HydroxybutyrateGrenade Fat BurnersWhat are Grenade Fat Burners?Grenade Fat Burner side effectsDo Grenade Fat Burners work?The Best Fats Burners Chromium Picolinate Chromium picolinate is a dietary supplement that can be used as to increase body weight, so to decrease it. It enhances insulin effect, and it is...More Please