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Acai Berry with Green Tea Review

Though the anti-overweight supplementation industry is already overloaded with existing diet pills, new weight-loss products still appear on the market. And Bauer Nutrition doesn’t trail behind. That’s why now we want to draw your attention to the one more well-working dietary option.


Acai Berry with Green Tea is a completely natural dietary supplement produced by Bauer Nutrition which is the worldwide famous company engaged in manufacturing exclusive sports and dietary products.

This non-synthetic weight-loss product which is imbued with antioxidants has many valuable properties able to not only help get into perfect body shape, but also maintain cellular health, feature strong anti-aging potential, and give a boost to mental processes.

This diet pill is affordable and available over the counter.

How It Works

This anti-overweight product of natural origin works by:

  • Breaking down fat cells
  • Activating metabolism
  • Delivering necessary nutrients to the body
  • Being a source of antioxidants
  • Restoring cellular health
  • Upraising energy levels

This mechanism of action contributes to the faster metabolism and body weight decrease, as well as to the increased mental strength and better brain function.

Just several days of supplementation will bring the first positive weight and overall well-being changes. But the maximum effect will be achieved if you combine supplementation with a healthy nutrition plan.


This product ensures a range of advantages aimed at complying with your weight loss requirements:

  • Suppression of hunger feeling
  • Body weight reduction
  • Elevation of energy levels
  • Regulation of blood sugar levels
  • Intensification of fat metabolism
  • Maintenance of healthy digestion
  • Increase in brain power
  • Enhancement of mind clarity
  • Improvement of overall wellness


This dietary supplement is comprised of 2 non-artificial clinically-backed ingredients of superior quality:

Acai Berry: These berries are in the list of widespread Brazilian superfoods. The ingredient is high in vitamin C, polyphenols, and ellagic acid. These natural substances work as antioxidants, not letting free radicals to ruin your body cells and tissues. As a result, weight loss also speeds up, while aging process slows down. In addition, this ingredient improves cognitive function.

Green Tea Extract: This plant is a strong natural antioxidant due to the availability of epigallocatechin-3-gallate. The ingredient is able to supercharge your metabolic rate and hence promote the weight loss. It also enhances digestive process and doesn’t allow oxidative stress to destroy brain cells.

There are no artificial active substances and stimulants inside this diet pill. So, you can be sure of complete naturalness of the supplementation you undergo.

Intake Guidelines

One supplement bottle contains 30 capsules. The manufacturer recommends using 1 capsule on a daily basis.

The supplement should be taken in the morning with the first meal of the day or with one glass of water.

You shouldn’t exceed recommended dose to ensure you get wanted gains instead of negative health consequences.

The supplement is not intended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Children and people who didn’t reach the age of 18 years old should never undergo dietary supplementation.

If you have any health problems and especially if you take any prescription medications, you have to obligatorily visit a healthcare practitioner before popping the supplement.


The supplement is claimed to be very safe because it doesn’t contain any synthetic or prescription ingredients. That’s why the risk of adverse reactions in those who use this product is so low that it almost shrinks to zero.

However, you should remember that the Food and Drug Administration didn’t appraise these claims provided by the manufacturer.

Also, this product is not actually a medication. This means that it can’t treat obesity or any other medical condition.


At the present moment, you will get one bottle of this supplement spending just $34.95 which is $5 less than the initial price.

The manufacturer also offers multi-purchase packages. If you purchase 2 supplement bottles for $69.90, one additional bottle will be gifted to you allowing you to save $34.95.

You can also purchase 3 supplement bottles for $104.85 and receive 3 bottles as a gift, hence saving $104.85.

A price match guarantee is valid in order to allow you to spend the smallest sum of money for the supplement. Thus, the manufacturer assures to decrease the price for its product in case you somewhere find this supplement at a lower price than offered by the manufacturer. In such a way, the manufacturer prevents its customers from overpaying.

Worldwide delivery system is absolutely free of charge. Also, you have an opportunity to order from any country and count on fast shipping.

Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturer is confident of the top-class quality of supplement ingredients, as well as the product ability to promote weight loss. That’s why the provision of a money back guarantee became an important part of Bauer Nutrition’s relationship with the customers. According to this guarantee, the duration of refund period is 60 days during which you don’t expose your money to risk. So, your money is safely protected if you don’t experience the expected and desirable supplementation results.

The Bottom Line

Acai Berry with Green Tea is a top-notch non-artificial supplement developed to facilitate and accelerate safe weight loss in a natural way. The product is created as an alternative to the prescription medications. This is an over-the-counter pill which can effectively serve as an auxiliary remedy during the weight loss process.

According to the manufacturer’s statements, the supplement is useful for shedding extra pounds, stimulating metabolism, boosting energy levels, and enhancing cognitive potential.