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Health Risks Associated With Obesity


Whilst it is important to be happy with yourself no matter how much you weigh, if you are clinically obese unfortunately there are certain health risks you are prone to. This means that unless something is done, you will not stay healthy and happy for long!

The Various Risks Involved

It is important to note that these risks are for obese people, not just for people who are a little overweight. Obese generally means that you weigh a lot more than your recommended weight and that is when problems can occur. There are also varying levels of obesity and those include being slightly obese to being morbidly obese. Obviously the more obese you are, the higher your risk of developing serious health problems. So, when exactly do you know that there is a problem and what exactly are the problems which could occur?


It is a sad fact that many people who have become obese have developed Type 2 diabetes. Even if you are only 11 pounds overweight, you still have a higher risk of developing the condition but obviously the more obese you are, the higher the risk actually is. Type 2 diabetes is a serious condition and it is thought that around eighty percent of people who have diabetes are overweight.

Heart Problems

One of the main risks with obesity includes heart problems such as heart disease. The risk of collapsing, dying suddenly and of having a heart attack are all increased once you are overweight and if you are morbidly obese, generally you are a walking time bomb. Heart problems are serious and often people who are obese also suffer form high blood pressure which can also be extremely serious.

Breathing Difficulties

Another common problem is breathing difficulties. Carrying around extra weight does take its toll on the body and all obese people suffer from breathing difficulties due to that extra weight. Climbing the stairs and even tying your own shoe laces will become a problem and it is when that happens that you know you have a problem!

Emotional Problems

As well as the many physical health problems, obesity often takes its toll on your emotions too. Depression, mood swings and feeling insecure are all common problems which many obese people develop. Often these emotional problems are usually a lot more painful for the sufferer than the physical problems actually are.

Overall obesity is a serious problem and whilst it is important to be happy with yourself, you also need to ensure that you are healthy too. If you are overweight and healthy you do not need to worry about losing weight, but when it is causing you problems that is when you need to start thinking about what is important to you. So, if you are obese why not make that change today? After all, the advantages of the change far outweigh the disadvantages!

Coping with those unavoidable bad days

When it comes to dieting things hardly ever run smoothly. We may like to think when we start the diet that we will never cave in and that we will be strict with ourselves, but the reality is – bad days can and do often happen.

It is just too hard sometimes to stay on track. There are constant temptations placed in our path and sometimes it is just too hard not to take them. After all, what are you supposed to do when somebody offers you a plateful of chips and dip or that moist, mouth watering slice of chocolate cake? We are only human and sometimes willpower abandons us completely, especially when we have been dieting for a couple of weeks!

So, when your willpower packs up and goes on holiday, what exactly can you do to get yourself back on track? Well, luckily there are ways of coping and best of all – they are not hard to do!

Understanding your cravings and the reasons behind them

Our cravings are generally what make us lose our will power. Many people believe that they have no control whatsoever over their cravings but that is completely untrue. Whilst the cravings may seem extremely strong like an addiction, they can be controlled.

There are some circumstances when cravings mean that your body needs something. It might not necessarily be the food that you are craving, but it might be what that food offers the body. For example, a craving for chocolate or something sweet could be the body’s way of telling you that it would like more energy. Chocolate and other sugary treats give the body energy but only a short burst of it. This often means that the high is often followed by a low and we end up feeling terrible for eating it.

If this happens to you, you could replace that chocolate with something a little healthier such as a banana which is high in potassium and it will fill you up as well as giving you energy. Many athletes eat bananas before running or something because it does give them the energy that they need. Other foods which you can replace that chocolate with include nuts such as almonds, which slowly release energy and fill you up.

Finally a craving for food could actually mean that your body is dehydrated and all that it needs is water. So, drink a glass of water, leave it around twenty minutes and see if you are still hungry. If not it was water that you needed and eventually you will learn the difference between hunger cravings and water cravings.

When all else fails

The main thing to remember when you have a bad day is to not beat yourself up over it. We all have bad days – we are after all, only human! You simply class it as a bad day and start again tomorrow.

Absolutely nobody is perfect and we all get tempted away by our favourite foods whether we are out in a restaurant, around at a friends house, or simply sat at home indulging in a take away. It happens, it can be depressing but you can move on and tomorrow is another day. Feeling bad for having a bad day will only make things worse and many dieters form the understanding that because they have slipped they might as well carry on eating junk because it will make no difference any more. That is simply not true and if you think to yourself ‘Ok I’ve messed up today but tomorrow I will get things back on track’, you should find that you recover yourself and you will be happier again before you know it.

Overall bad days do happen so do not be disheartened when they do. Simply keep an eye on your cravings and listen to what your body is telling you, that way you cannot go wrong.

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