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10 Incredible Ways of Losing Weight After Baby


Losing weight after having a baby can be difficult. But with proper exercise, diet and a healthy lifestyle, it is possible to get back in shape. Here is a list of some easy to follow methods, which can help you lose weight without working too hard.

You need to make sure that you follow a healthy routine diligently to see proper results.

#1-Exercise Daily

Exercising daily after having your baby could prove to be a magical solution in your endeavor of losing weight. Free hand exercise everyday will ensure that you lose your fat slowly but surely. These exercises can be done at home.

Make sure to find an instructor before starting any set of exercises. Every individual has different body shapes and requires different set of exercises depending on various factors such as weight, height and stamina.

Typically, there may be around seven to eight different types of exercises that need to be done in a three sets daily. Follow a six day routine and you will definitely make rapid strides in reaching your dream figure.

#2-Work Out in the Gym

Working out in the gym immediately after having a baby can be difficult. You’ll be out of breath in no time. But it’ll only be in the beginning. You’ll notice that after a week or so, it’s much easier and you’ll be able to do more exercises.

The gym instructor needs to make sure that you start off with walking on the treadmill, along with some free hand exercises. Within a month, you will be able to move on to some other cardio exercises that will help you lose weight quickly.

A good mixture of aerobics and cardio is necessary to ensure that the weight is lost in a proportionate manner. Losing too much wait too quickly can be detrimental for the body. Typically, it takes about three months to get back to your original shape if you religiously maintain a healthy lifestyle.

#3-Consume a Lot of Water

It is important to consume enough fluid to ensure that your body cleans the system. That essentially means you need to cut down the on consumption of caffeine and other alcoholic beverages.

Instead switch to having only water. Water will not only help the kidney functioning properly, it will also ensure that you have access to vital mineral and other nutrients to keep the metabolism strong and healthy.

#4-Walk Regularly

A good alternative of exercising is walking. Half an hour to 45 minutes of walking every day will help your cause of losing weight.

Make sure that you walk fast enough to break in to a sweat. Losing weight is directly proportional to the amount of calorie you lose every day. Walking will ensure that you get some fresh air, which seldom happens when you are working out in a gym. This will help you relax your mind and lose calories at the same time.

#5-Smart Snacking

Nutritionists all over the world have discovered easier ways to avoid gaining weight and lose weight without having to starve or even cut down on your regular food intake. In fact, it has been found that when a person does not consume the minimal amount of food, which is needed by them when they are hungry, it risks them gorging on junk food later on.

Thus, it is best to satisfy the hunger between meals by consuming healthy protein-rich snack such as some string cheese, a slice of fruit with peanut butter or even a medium bowl full of edamame.


Half an hour of swimming six days a week will show great results. If you love swimming, then the best way to lose weight after having a baby is by swimming. If it’s around summer, then this is the best way to cool off as well. Hit the pool and bid those calories goodbye!

Swimming is a complete exercise. It burns your fat cells at a rapid pace. Make sure that you divide your session into two halves. The breather in between will help you compose yourself.

#7-A Healthy Diet

A good diet is a mix of meat, fish, leafy vegetables and fruits. A perfect combination of diet will help the intake of ADEK i.e. Vitamin A, D, E and K perfectly.

These vitamins are primarily essential for the well being of the body. Leafy vegetables will ensure that you have less carb intake and more essential vitamin and nutrients in your system. Meat, fish and a bit of dairy products will ensure that the adequate protein level of the body is maintained.

#8-Fruit Consumption

It is well-known that fruit consists mostly of water and has minimal to no fat content. Hence, fruits need to top your list of food.

They are safe to be consumed during and after pregnancy to keep up the process of losing weight and restricting it from coming back. Consuming fruits during meals leaves less space in the person’s stomach. It consequently leads to the decrease in consumption of food with high calories.

Fruits also contain healthy fibers and lots of good carbohydrates, which is quite useful to lose weight.

#9-Eat at Intervals

Do not eat your food quickly. It is very natural to eat more after the pregnancy. A good way of reducing your hunger is to eat at intervals. Make sure you do not stuff yourself with food. Eating small quantities will ensure that you do not over eat. Continue this routine for a month and you will definitely see significant changes in your weight.

#10-Sleeping Habits

Proper sleeping habits can help you lose a considerable amount of weight. It has been found by researchers that increasing the period of sleeping just by thirty minutes can ensure a person makes better and healthy choices about food. Resting well and properly also helps a person to be less inclined to junk foods.

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