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Psychological Risks in Sports


Healthy eating and working out is without any doubt are big positive steps forward in your life. But the problem is, on this path you can stumble upon a lot of psychological blocks that will become an obstacle on your way to reaching goals. These are completely normal processes, as your lifestyle, way of thinking and general condition are changing. We want to tell you about the main risks that can come your way.

Setting a goal
«I want to lose weight, to make my butt look nicer, to make my belly more slim» — these are not goals, these are desires. First of all, you have to rationally judge your body. Look at yourself in the mirror and think rationally: what will change, if you’ll “pump up” your butt? Fat belly, flabby hands, bad posture will still be there. Will a firm butt change anything in this case? Also, pumping up butt means gaining weight, which will be visible on the whole body, your belly will become fatter. Can you allow it? Try to address this issue as rationally and critically-minded as possible. If you have excess weight, first you have to get rid of it, and only then “pump” anything. If your muscles are weak and you have no workout experience, you have to strengthen your core first, and only then make squats with heavy weights. Only rational approach with well-thought-put small goals can help you make good results in reaching the global goal. 

Body restructuring

If you don’t feel good after workouts, if your muscles and knees are burning, then there are some problems with your diet plan or workout plan. The body felt shock after the first workout. Especially, if you are over 40 and have excess weight. Everything aches and you can’t do it anymore. A person without any basic skills should work in full force, but only according to the special program for beginners, which takes into account muscle weakness and lack of endurance. Muscle pain will last from 1 to 3 years. It will go through all the muscles after every workout and after lifting heavy weights. But your intestines will start functioning better after normalization of nutrition and adding cereals and dried fruits to your diet plan. Insomnia will also go away – you will have to stick to a regimen, i.e. going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. You should restructure your life and your body. It’s like getting a second job – if you are not ready for it, don’t even start. Out of 10 people who come to the gym, only 1 stays a year later. 

Rate of changes

You can get inspired by a story of a girl who has reached great results in sports in just 4 months. At the same time, you, working under the same program, haven’t reached even half of that success during the same period. Why so? Because of body structure features, age peculiarities, laziness, violation of dieting or working out routine. Rate of changes is different for every person. Even muscles of different people grow with a different pace. If a person has anatomically and genetically developed triceps already, a couple of exercises is enough for its relief and growth. The same goes with trapezoid, delta, chest, abs and so on. That’s why some people can pump up ideal buttocks in a couple months, while you will only grow quadriceps by doing squats. Don’t get sad about it, just try to accept that everyone is different and you have to change your approach to working out and dieting according to your personal body features. Then you will reach your goal, even if not as fast as others do. 

Exhaustion and overload

«I was pumping my legs 5 days ago, and they are still aching… I can’t do anything after working out, I get so tired… I don’t have any energy at all…» — congrats, you most likely got carried away, overestimated your strength and worked more than 4 times a week without an instructor according to your program and not paying attention to the diet. Meal plan when doing sports should help losing weight or gaining it, which requires sports diet. Of course there can be some breaks. You can eat chocolate and candy once a month, but in general your diet should be balanced. It is necessary to include protein in the diet. If the body doesn’t get the right amount of healthy nutrients before, during and after workouts, muscles start “eating” themselves. It’s impossible to compensate physical loads in the gym by ordinary food of the average person. Because ordinary people don’t do 5 sets of bench press with an 80-kg barbell. They also don’t run on the treadmill for 15-20 minutes.

Losing motivation

«I don’t feel like running anymore… or lifting weights. It got boring. There’s no one to look at in the gym…I’ve lost motivation… Please tell me, instructor, what else can I pump… Which part of my body can I make better…» — have people started throwing glances at you even when you are in a long-sleeved shirt and it feels like you are the most handsome person in the gym? Go to the competitions, visit a gym with real professionals or take a couple months break from working out.


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