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Simple Tips That’ll Help You Find Motivation For Working Out


It is well known that in order to make yourself beautiful and healthy you have to fight the most cunning, dodgy and smart enemy that is you and your laziness. The most important thing is to make yourself start.

As they say, starting is completing half of the job already.

In this article we will help you to maintain this noble impulse.

«Social» means

Throughout our lives, we communicate with people – parents, grandparents, friends, colleagues and bosses. Each of them tries to give us some piece of advice, and sometimes their guidance influences our lives. Let’s try to benefit from this influence.

Find like-minded people. Surround yourself with people who share your views on healthy lifestyle. Make friends in the gym or on some fitness forum. Thus you will be able to share your experience with others and get some useful advice, knowing you are not alone in your fight for slim waist.

Use social networks. Tell your friends that you’ve started working out, and some of them will definitely support you. Post “before” and “after” pictures: comments with praise and admiration will motivate you to work harder for your ideal body. Subscribe to various sports communities: seeing news feed with sports-related posts every day will show you what you should strive for. Social network groups always post motivational content, and all the participants are your like-minded people.

Use your partner. Of course he loves you the way you are, but just imagine how happy he’d be walking around and going to corporate parties with a beautiful and slim lady instead of with an obvious food-lover. Tight forms are much better than a flabby body, and increased endurance will only help in your love affairs. Ask your partner to support you and praise you for every hour you spend in the gym.

Hire an instructor. Good fitness instructor plays a vital role. He’ll help you work on your body and gain confidence. Ask him to tell you stories about successful weight loss of his other clients – it’ll be useful for you to listen.

Look at celebrities. Look at those daydream stars who even in their 50’s have bodies that 20-years-old girls can only dream of. You don’t necessarily have to take music or film industry celebrities as an example. Taking the image of someone from fitness industry is great as well. Print out a photo of a lady who has the body of your dreams and put it on your desk.

«Tabular» means

Use a centimeter. Start taking regular measures of your waist, hips and other parts of your body. As soon as you’ll notice the first positive changes, you won’t be able to stop working out. Also, buying size S clothes is much more enjoyable, and they look better on people.

Write down your results. This method is very old-fashioned, but still very effective. Write down the results that you achieved. Draw a table where you will write when you were in the gym, what you did and what results did it give. The most important thing is don’t be lazy!

Try psychology. This method was founded back in 1984 and was intended for professional sportsmen. It can be useful for us a well, as it helps to analyze the results of our workouts. Draw a table with four columns: «My benefits», «My losses», «Social pros» and «Social cons». Fill «My benefits» column with things like your health, attractive body, great energy level; «losses» – with waste of free time, cash costs. Don’t be shy or scared to write all your wishes and fears about workouts. Then you can show this table to your partner or friends, so they can read it and tell you their opinion. You can also ask a marketer or PR-manager to draw a SWOT analysis matrix to estimate your workouts – it is very useful as well.

Other means and ways

Watch motivational movies. There is not much use in movies about dancing, sports, will and desire to get a beautiful body, or about a girl who fell in love with a billionaire. We recommend movies like «Step Up», «Peaceful Warrior», «Stick it». But of course you are free to choose whatever movies work better for you.

Make a bet. You can bet money, vacation in a hot country or whatever – the prize should be anything that you wish to get or are afraid to lose. It’s better to choose emotionally stable and responsible person for betting, who won’t let you get out of it.

Compete. You and your friend bought gym membership together? Great! Now you can compete in making your bodies slim. But don’t fight with each other in the process and compete honestly.

Be greedy. Buy a gym membership in the most expensive gym in your city, and don’t let your greediness let you skip workouts. Also, the service in expensive fitness clubs always justifies the money invested.

Praise yourself. Praise yourself for all the results. You managed to do 100 push-ups? Reward yourself with a visit to a beauty salon. Spent half an hour on the treadmill? Go to SPA with a friend. There’s only one prohibition – never reward yourself with food!
Of course, all the above-mentioned means can be used in any order. You may not use them at all and think of your own reasons to visit gym today. Good luck!

Tips To Help You Lose Weight

Many people stare at themselves in the mirror and wonder how they let their figures go. They then resolve each day to make the necessary changes in order to help them start shedding the extra pounds. However, many people find it hard to discipline themselves or they simply do not have a clear idea about how to lose weight. If you have been looking for some helpful tips to help you with your weight loss, this article might be able to help.
One of the biggest issues for people who are trying to get rid of excess weight is that they have trouble disciplining themselves. Oftentimes, busy schedules and a hectic work life leave them feeling tired and unable to muster up the energy to eat properly or work out. Fortunately, there are things that can help you.
For many people, weight loss groups are very helpful. While some people meet with groups on a regular basis to talk about their challenges and goals at local recreational centers, others start their own groups or join online groups. You can even start a group effort with a friend who is close to you. People who have support tend to find it easier to create and stick to a healthier lifestyle.
The benefit of having someone to support you is that they can come over and help you with your meals. You can make it a point to cook healthy foods for one another. You can also resolve to exercise together on a regular basis. At the end of each day or week, you can have a conversation about your successes and slip-ups, which will help keep you motivated.
Some people find that supplements and diet pills are also helpful when trying to drop the extra pounds. There are many different kinds of products available today that range from pills to powders, drinks, and snacks, like cereal bars. These products have been designed to do a number of different things. While some may help you burn fat at a faster rate, others may help you control your appetite. Some may help you feel fuller faster and stay full, and some might give you a boost of energy.
Some products may be able to help your body do a number of things all at once. For example, a product called PhenQ, may be able to help you suppress your appetite, improve your metabolism, and increase the amount of energy that you have. Overall, it may be able to help you speed up your weight loss, especially if it is coupled with a healthy diet and regular workouts.
Prior to taking any type of natural diet pills for women, you should always consult with a doctor who understands your healthcare needs. This is very important because some products may clash with medications or supplements that you are taking, while others may may endanger your health for a number of other reasons.
If you are trying to lose weight, be sure to start out by throwing out all of your junk food and consuming a healthy and balanced diet. Be sure to enlist the help of a group or a friend to provide you with support and do not forget to talk to your doctor before you start taking any dieting products.

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