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Workouts With a Jump Rope


Workouts with a jump rope can be done as a warm-up or the actual workout. They help to increase endurance, reduce the risk of getting injuries and improve running results.

Jumping with a rope can strengthen particular muscle groups without putting intense stress on the joints.

The advantages of this type of workouts are the following:

1. General physical form is improved. Workouts with a jumping rope are often done by tennis players, runners, football players and boxers.
2. Agility and physical coordination are improved.
3. Calf muscles are strengthened.
4. Step frequency and movement speed are increased.
5. Excessive calories are burned. Exercising with a rope for 10 minutes (not less than 120 jumps in 60 seconds) are equal to half an hour of jogging.
6. Athletic performance is significantly improved without intense stress.
7. Workouts with a jumping rope can be done practically anywhere.

USA scientists conducted a study on the effect of workouts with a rope on human’s heart and vascular system. The study featured 92 young men as volunteers.

They were divided in 2 groups, one of which jogged every day for half an hour, and the other did exercises with a rope for 10 minutes. Half a month later all the volunteers were checked for the level of physical fitness, taking into account the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

It turned out that all the participants had similar results.

The following research of this problem showed an improvement of cardiovascular system of men who were exercising with a rope regularly.

Moreover, the other study showed that women who preferred this type of workouts just for 5 minutes every day improved their productivity and normalized their heart rate.

Where to start?

If you decided to master the jump rope, at first start using it for warm-ups instead of the actual workouts. The optimal time for that is 5-10 minutes.

When you start feeling an increase in your endurance, you can prolong your warm-ups to half an hour.

Moreover, you can do various types of jumps: cross-jumping, jumping on one leg, etc…

Complex of exercises for the beginners

This complex is simple yet effective. It consists of the following exercises:
1) 10 jumps with a rope on both legs;
2) 10 jumps on one leg, then the same amount of jumps on the other;
3) 20 jumps while alternating the legs;
One set consists of 50 jumps. Repeat the set 3-5 times.
Complex of exercises for advanced jumpers
1) Plan the number of sets beforehand. Jump for 3 minutes, rest for 1 minute.
2) Do 10 jumps, then after a short-time rest do 20 jumps, then after another short-time rest do 30 jumps. Following the same scheme make in up to 100 jumps. Reaching 100 jumps, lower the number of jumps by 10 with every set, until you reach 10 jumps.
3) Do intense and high-speed jumps for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat the set 10 times.
4) First do the «burpee» exercise, then do 50 jumps with a rope. Do less «burpee» with every set, but continue doing 50 jumps.
5) Alternate jumping with a rope with squats and push-ups for half a minute.

This, in fact, is all that can be said about working out with a jumping rope. It’s not difficult at all, and the result starts getting noticeable pretty soon.



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