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Causes of Weight Gain


Weight gain can be extremely frustrating and usually we associate it with eating too much. However, there could be other reasons why you may be gaining weight, even if you are exercising regularly and eating healthily.

Why weight gain occurs

There are a wide number of reasons why you have started to gain weight. The most common being that you have overindulged.

However, there are other reasons why weight gain could occur and some of the reasons which you might not have thought about could include:

A medical condition

For many people the cause of their weight gain is medical. It could be that there is an underlying medical problem such as Diabetes or another serious illness. There are many more medical reasons for weight gain than most people realise.

While thyroid problems are often cited as an excuse for excessive weight, it can often be a contributing factor to weight gain as it regulates the body’s metabolism. Some sources have speculated that as many as 10% of women may have thyroid trouble of some degree.
Other medical conditions such as menopause and other hormonal imbalances can have a serious impression on your weight over time.

It could be that you have recently taken a new medication and that is responsible for the weight gain. The contraceptive pill for example is well known for adding extra weight to the body and so if you have just started taking it, it may be worth switching pills.

The contraceptive pill is not the only medication that is well known for increasing weight, steroids and similar medications can lead to putting on weight. Some medical conditions such as IBS and asthma are often treated using steroids, and this could lead to weight gain.

Other medications can also cause weight gain, so if you have recently started new medication it is always best to speak to your doctor to see if that is the problem. They will be able to give you an examination and you will then see if the cause is indeed medical.

You could be lacking essential fats

Many people do not realize that they do in fact need some fats in their diet. Not all fats are bad and foods such as fish and olive oil contain these essential fats that our bodies need. These fats, often known as Omega-3 fats are found in fish and can lower cholesterol and reduce the risks of arthritis and other joint problems.

It is recommended that at most 33% of our calorie intake is fat, and no more than 10% of our calories should be from
saturated fats because of the increased health risks such as increased cholesterol from eating too much “bad” fats.
If you don’t get enough of the beneficial fats such as Omega-3 you can end up having cravings for fatty foods, and that is when you give in and gain weight. So, ensure that you stock up on good fats and add them into your diet.

Food allergies

Another common cause of weight gain can include allergies to certain foods. The most common food allergies tend to be dairy and nuts. Obviously some food allergies can be deadly but in many cases the foods just make you gain weight and feel a little nauseous. So, it may well be worth going to the doctors and having an allergy test to see if you are in fact allergic to any foods.

Quitting smoking

Many people who are trying to improve their lifestyle by quitting smoking notice that their weight goes up when they do. Often this can be due to replacing the cigarettes with snacks, but there are other reasons as well.

Not many people realise that smoking actually burns calories, up to 200 calories a day in a heavy smoker. In addition, it also suppresses the appetite so you feel less hungry while you are a smoker.

Because cigarettes are a stimulant and burn calories, smoking can actually speed up your metabolism somewhat too, so when you quit there are many reasons that you are likely to gain weight.

Emotional reasons

Your emotions obviously affect how you feel, and by extension how you feel about yourself. If you are feeling low, food can often be a great comforter. Unfortunately, it is usually the ‘bad’ foods that we reach for to make us feel better.

Comfort foods such as chocolate, sweets, crisps and fried foods can make us feel better but they are not good for us. This can sometimes lead to a downwards spiral as you eat because you feel bad, and this then makes you feel worse because you know that eating foods like this will make you fatter.

Comfort eating is only one way that your emotions can contribute to an increase in weight, depression medication can affect your body and metabolism and lead to weight gain.

Menopause and age

The menopause is a difficult enough time in any woman’s life, and one symptom that is very common for women is weight gain- particularly around the waist and hips.

Hormones and fat cells are all linked into your metabolism, appetite and digestive system, and an imbalance or radical change in the levels within this system can lead to drastic changes in your weight.

The changes in hormone levels are not the only cause of weight gain during this period of our lives, ageing can lead to weight gain in both men and women. As we age, our metabolism slows down, and our digestive system can have more difficulty in processing our food correctly.
Some studies show regular runners in good health would have to run an additional 1.4 miles per week every year to combat the changes in their metabolic rate. Due to metabolic rate changes, and the tendency of the body as you age to lose muscle mass and increase fatty tissue it can be an uphill struggle to even stay at your usual weight as you age.


Most of us would say that stress can be a cause of weight loss due to irregular eating and lack of appetite. However,
the opposite is often true. Stress hormones, such as Cortisol can block weight loss, and even contribute to weight gain.
The body can sometimes interpret stress in any form (whether it is emotional, physical, or even diet-related) as a ‘famine’ state. When this happens, the body automatically turns as many calories as it can into fat, even if you are dieting.
In extreme cases of this, often linked to yo-yo dieting and high-carb, low-fat diets this can lead to insulin resistance, and the body storing all calories as fat, even though the body’s cells are being starved of nutrients.

The above are a few reasons why you may be gaining weight. Overall, if you are worried speaking to a doctor may help. They will be able to run full tests and see if there is an underlying cause of your weight gain.

The above are just a few reasons why you may be gaining weight. Your emotions could also play a big part in it as we tend to overeat or eat the wrong foods when we are upset or angry. Also, your sleeping pattern may not be helping as tiredness also encourages you to eat the wrong things. Overall if you are worried speaking to a doctor may help. They will be able to run full tests and see if there is an underlying cause of your weight gain.

The Most Effective Way Of Losing Weight

Being overweight is akin to inviting a slew of medical issues including heart problems, diabetes and cancer. No wonder every individual seems to be concerned about losing weight. However, most individuals are oblivious about the right way of doing that. One has to mix intake of few calories with right form of exercises to become slim and healthy.
It is important to include optimum exercise in the routine and have a balanced diet. The body must be given some time to adapt to the new schedule. This can avoid any untoward incident which can result in more harm than good. Some ways of getting rid of excess calories are discussed here.

Have plenty of water

It is pretty important to consume between eight to twelve glasses of water every day. Apart from numerous other benefits, having water helps in reducing the hunger pangs. It gives a feeling of fullness and curbs the pangs which are the main culprits behind overeating.

Split larger meals into smaller ones

Most individuals tend to stuff themselves during meals. This practice tends to put unnecessary pressure on the digestive system which is not healthy. This leaves little time for it to digest the food items completely before the next meal. This practice can be done away with multiple smaller meals that supply few calories.
In this way, the body gets enough time for digesting the meals. Hence, most of the food gets digested, leaving little undigested fat behind. However, one must ensure that the smaller meals too, supply few calories to the body. Otherwise, it may result in ingesting large amount of calories and this is not a healthy way.
In addition to that, one must have a diet plan and stick to it religiously. There must be calorie consciousness in the individuals who wish to lose extra calories. If they are having knowledge of what they are eating, they would be able to avoid unnecessary fat. This knowledge can be immensely helpful in controlling their weight.
The breakfast has to be rich in essential nutrients. It should not be missed as it gives the individual the required amount of energy for rest of the day. It should not be overstuffed either and has to include a variety of food items. Fibers, proteins and carbohydrates should be added to it in the right proportion. One can also consider useful stuff from PhenQ for taking required help for losing weight quickly and by healthy way. It’s the best weight loss supplement on the market.
To design a healthy diet chart, one can consider taking help of an experienced dietitian or a physician. The dietitian can suggest the right set of food items for an individual taking into account all factors including body type. It has to be noted that no significant change in the diet has to be made without prior consultation with an expert.
To burn away the unnecessary fats, it is important to include exercise in the routine. It increases metabolism, provides strength to the body and helps in losing weight. There are plenty of options before an individual including joining sports, jogging and running. One should build up slowly and give the body time to adapt with the change in routine.

Physical Activities as Natural Fat Burners

Along with consuming certain foods as natural fat burners, it is advisable to do yourself a favor by doing the following physical activities, which will improve the efficiency of the natural fat burning in your body:

1. Get Enough Sleep

Many researchers agree that sleep is considered the best natural fat burners activity. Getting enough sleep will increase the natural fat burning in your body. On the other hand, inadequate sleep at night will most likely make you hungrier on the next day. Also, inadequate sleep will affect how fast you would recover from your workout sessions as well. So you should take seven to eight hours each night. If less than this recommended sleep hours, people are more likely to put on weight. So do those people who sleep more than ten hours per night.

2. Do Intense Resistance Training

Doing intense resistance training will boost the natural fat burning as well. When you do heavy weight lifting, especially where you move very quickly from exercise to exercise, your metabolism will stay high for a few hours. Consequently, more calories are burnt. Weight lifting really boosts your overall fat loss result.

You should also check out some useful natural fat burners tips. For those who have disturbing potbelly, get some information on natural belly fat burners.

Natural Fat Burners: Foods without Physical Activities

Some people may ask, “What if I don’t want to do any physical activities? What if I just want to rely on certain foods as natural fat burners?”

In reality, relying solely on certain foods as natural fat burners will not make you lean. They will just make you more efficient at getting slim and perhaps you may get the result quicker. The foods as natural fat burners will work very well if you use them correctly in combination with a proper diet and workout program. Nothing will ever replace the exercise and proper nutrition when it comes to natural fat burners.

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