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Best HCG Drops


HCG diet drops have become increasingly popular due to the simple fact that it works. This scientific breakthrough has taken the dietary industry by storm as it can help you to lose up to 25 pounds in just 30 days, efficiently and without any harmful side effects. Many renowned scientists and physicians have endorsed this product as a simple solution to lose weight and improve your body shape safely and rapidly. Be assured that this is not another one of those “fad diets” that requires extreme changes in your food and exercise routine only to disappoint you with temporary results.

What is HCG and how does it work?

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that is produced naturally in women during pregnancy. This hormone’s primary purpose is to regulate the hypothalamus gland which in turn is responsible for maintaining the thyroid functions, metabolic rate and for regulating the fat storage in our body. In short, the HCG prompts the hypothalamus to do its job efficiently which is to regulate the functions of the thyroid, to increase the rate of metabolism and to burn the extra fat stored in your body. This process and its effects often go unnoticed as the intake of pregnant women is usually double their normal intake.

On the other hand, if this process is initiated when you are not pregnant it can transform your body into a fat burning machine, even without going into any extreme diet or exercise routines. Moreover, since HCG is not unfamiliar to the human body it is perfectly safe to use without fear of any undesirable side effects. In fact, HCG is present in the cells of all humans – man, woman and child. However, the effectiveness of this hormone is greatly reduced due to the chemicals that are present in the foods that we consume leading to increase in body weight or obesity.

After years of research scientists and physicians came up with the formula to create this weight loss accelerating hormone, HCG, synthetically. When ingested the synthetic HCG drops brings about the same effects as that of the naturally produced HCG hormone as the hypothalamus reacts to the synthetic HCG in the same way it does to the naturally occurring hormone. The synthetic HCG diet drops works effectively to gives results in both men and women.

This effective solution for weight loss has been available for a number of years but has gained its popularity only recently because HCG is now available as drops at affordable rates to the general population. Originally, HCG was available only as injections and could be accessed only through specialized and limited medical centers. In addition to its limited access HCG diet shots could cost anywhere from $800 to $3000, not to mention the pain and the infection risks involved with injections. In the traditional method of HCG delivery system, patients were required to take the HCG injections daily and have to follow strict diet and exercise protocols.

Today, dieters can enjoy the benefits of HCG diet drops that offer a safer and better way of administering this diet supplement into your body. HCG products are available now through numerous sources as diet supplements at affordable prices and YIPIZ is one of the best sources that offer only the highest quality HCG diet drops. HCG drops are a huge success which is validated by the many press reports and talk shows on television and radio and by the raving reviews given by actual customers who have experienced significant loss of body weight after using this clinically tested and proven dietary supplement.

HCG diet drops promise to help you lose up to 2 pounds per day safely and efficiently. While you don’t have to follow any extreme diet or exercise protocol, the full benefits of this supplement can be realized if you maintain a sensible and healthy diet and exercise routine. In fact, to obtain maximum benefits from this supplement you should avoid any heavy exercise routines while you are taking the HCG diet drops.

It also helps to keep away from junk food and avoid smoking while you are taking the HCG diet drops. It is recommended to follow a low calorie diet and drink plenty of water while during your dieting session. Taking proper rest is also important to obtain the desired results.

Other health benefits of using HCG

In addition to losing weight HCG offers a number of other health benefits to its users. HCG drops helps to improve your immune system when taken regularly. It helps to improve your mental focus by nourishing your nervous system. Regular intake of this diet supplement will also help prevent the onset of serious medical conditions like breast cancer, asthma, diabetes, gout and fatal heart conditions. It also works wonders for your skin, preventing the development of freckles, dark spots, acne scars and the appearance of premature wrinkling.

Best HCG Drops

Being overweight is becoming more and more of an issue nowadays. A solution was already established yet the process would seem like a toil for most. There should be a missing factor that most people doesn’t seem to realize or may have been forgotten. You may or may not guessed correctly the missing piece of this puzzle, but the answer is simple – energy. Yes, energy! Energy is what fuels our body to take the extra effort in working out after a long day’s work. That is why most men and women who found themselves living unhealthy would soon realize that their clothes are rather tight. Worst case scenario, you might find yourself lying in the hospital and the doctor would deliver the saddest news of all – you’ve been diagnosed of cancer!

It’s true indeed that one just can’t simply shift his or her everyday habits instantly. Again, you needed that energy to keep you going.

Not every dietary or slimming product in the market is made to synthesize well with energy giving vitamins. Let’s say Vitamin B-12 is known to produce energy. Most importantly it is involved in the metabolism, especially affecting DNA synthesis and regulation, but also fatty acid synthesis.
The same vitamin is found in HCG Ultra Drops.

Wait, what is HCG Ultra Drops?

HCG Ultra Drops contains ingredients that work in synergy with HCG to produce this superior formula. This formula, when combined with proprietary protocol, signals the hypothalamus to release accumulated fat storage. The HCG Ultra protocol involves a combination of a low calorie diet and oral HCG Ultra Drops. The average HCG Ultra Drops dieter experiences similar weight loss to that of a normal HCG dieter. In addition to the loss of unwanted fat, the benefit of the HCG Ultra Dropsprotocol is its ability to help modify the dieter’s relationship with food and adjust eating patterns, resulting in successfully maintained, long-term weight loss.

Where does Vitamin B-12 come in?

HCG Ultra Drops is a mixture of ingredients that helps you lose weight fast. Vitamin B12 Complex helps you maximize the effects of HCG Ultra Drops. This helps in three distinct ways:
First, it optimizes absorption of everything you eat and drink, including the HCG Ultra Drops. This ensures your body receives more nutrients from the food you eat.Second, Vitamin B12 increases the blood flow throughout your body, increasing circulation and allowing blood to reach all your extremities. This helps your joints feel better, promoting overall well-being.Third, you will experience an increase in energy. This is not the spiked energy that results from shots of caffeine but real energy from your body.
Vitamin B12 helps your body maximize what you eat and what your body uses for fuel.

How does HCG ULTRA Drops work?

HCG Ultra Drops work by hitting the bull’s eye. And by bull’s eye it means the most intractable fats in the human body.

There are three types of fat found in the human body, which include:
Structured Fat – This is found between the joints and body’s organs.Normal Fat – Located throughout the body, this is used to meet the body’s daily nutritional needs.Abnormal Fat – These deposits cause obesity, only being drawn upon during starvation and pregnancy.
To put it simply these are the fats found in the waist, hips and thighs.



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