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Healthy Low Calorie Meal Plan


Eating healthy can seem difficult. With all of the ever present unhealthy options out there, making the right choices can feel just a little out of reach. That is why it’s important to have a plan for what you eat.

Planning out your meals will help to keep you from deviating from your healthy eating habits.

If you have everything planned out and you’ve stocked your cabinets and refrigerator, you’ll have a lot more to lose if you skip your pre-planned meals and you’ll feel more guilty!

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Here is a SAMPLE one day meal plan you can use.

You may be wondering why there are six low calorie meals instead of the traditional three large meals a day. The reason is that eating more often helps you keep your metabolism in check and makes sure you are continuing to burn calories throughout the day.

Meal 1: Egg White Omelet and an Apple

This is a great way to start your day! Eggs are one of the healthiest and most complete proteins you can eat. Mixing in some veggies with your egg white omelet with give it flavor and add additional nutrients. The apple will complement the meal with a little sweetness on the side, plus they are great for fiber!

Meal 2: Mixed Nuts, Unsalted

Nuts are also a great source of protein and can help with other things as well. For instance, a handful of cashews a day can help with depression! Plus, they taste great and are easy to snack on when you are at work or on the go.

Meal 3: Chicken and Sweet Potato

This is a good meal for lunch. Make sure the chicken is grilled and not fried. Sweet potatoes are filled with nutrients, antioxidants and iron. Mixed together, this will give you a protein rich, good carbohydrate meal that will fill you up!

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Meal 4: Small Salad

Salads are great because they are simple to prep ahead of time and you can take them with you to work. They make a great snack and you can fill them with all kinds of healthy goodies! Try adding fruits like strawberries and blueberries for some extra flavor. When making your salad, toss it in oil, vinegar and spices.

Meal 5: Alaskan Salmon with Quinoa

Alaskan salmon is a good protein, but it is also an amazing source for omega fatty acids. Quinoa is also protein rich and it has fiber, magnesium and iron. Overall, this is a filling and super healthy meal!

Meal 6: Banana and Strawberries

Finally, there is dessert. Although both of these items are good for you, this is also your meal to indulge a little. Bananas are a good source of potassium and strawberries are good for fiber and help with inflammation. Treat this last meal as a treat, but a healthy treat!

With this meal plan and meal plans like it that are low in calories and packed with vitamins and nutrients you will be sure to maintain a healthy weight and boost your overall health, all while eating foods that are filling and delicious!

7 Reasons Why You Need More Fiber

Natural fiber from whole foods promote good health in many ways –

  • provides bulk and holds on to fluid making our stools softer and therefore much easier to pass.
  • encourages the correct bacterial balance in our bowels, it’s the perfect food for the ‘friendly bacteria’.
  • can help to prevent cancers like breast, prostate and bowel.
  • ‘soluble fiber’ helps to lower levels of cholesterol.
  • speeds up the transition of waste out of the body, this ensures that auto-intoxication is kept to a minimum. The faster waste matter passes through the body the less toxins are re-absorbed.
  • helps to keep our blood sugar levels stable, less insulin is produced, so less fat is laid down.
  • makes us feel more full, and less likely to over eat if our diet consists of whole foods which contain a balance of fiber and vital nutrients.

Avoid wheat bran

1) it is not a whole food – it’s too highly concentrated

2) it’s too harsh for the bowel lining – causes irritation of the bowel lining

3) hinders absorption of several minerals, especially iron and calcium

4) contributes to dehydration

Thoughtful Eating

With all the focus on what to eat—sufficient nutrients, low-calorie, low-fat—it’s easy to forget about one important eating factor: how we eat. In our often too-hurried lives, we forget that eating isn’t just about shoveling in enough calories so that we can get through the day. Nor is it about depriving ourselves and consuming just enough to keep slim. Eating is a joyous occasion. Foods offer delicious flavors, mouth-watering aromas, and pleasing textures—all of which are tied to emotions. Satiety—the feeling of fullness—is a vital, life-affirming feeling.

First, slow down. Avoid rushing through meals. Gulping down foods isn’t good for the digestive system. Plus, chewing slowly aids feeling full without eating as much. For one thing, when you munch in a hurry without thinking, it’s easy to eat too much before you even realize it.

But thoughtful eating is about more than just pace. Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh writes about mindful eating. He says that, before each meal, we should contemplate what we are about to consume. Look at the orange on the plate, he suggests, and see in it the seed that grew into the tree that flowered into the fruit. Be grateful for the earth that cradled the seed, the sun that provided the energy to grow and photosynthesize, the rain that watered the thirsty plant, and the seasons the little tree endured.

Wholesome living and eating is about so much more than just food itself. Life is about enjoyment. Don’t forget to let eating be a part of that joy.

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

Are diet pills the answer to all of your woes? Not necessarily. There is no diet pill that can help you to lose weight without some kind of dieting. But there are many experts who would say “never diet, diets are temporary. Change your entire lifestyle.” That’s a technicality at best. For some of us, eating healthy will always seem like some kind of diet. And to be on a perpetual diet is undesirable to anybody. But there are some simple steps that you can take that are not as hard as you may think.

First of all, eat only when you are actually hungry. We eat out of sorrow, out of boredom, and for various other reasons. If you stop to think about it, you are taking in quite a few excess and non essential calories. Your body tells you when it needs food, and outside of that, you do not actually need to eat extra food. This will actually automatically restrict your caloric intake.

Second, use spices. There was a study recently that used what they called “tastants.” Essentially, they have proven that when you have taste to your food, as simple as salt and as fattening as ranch, your body is more likely to realize that it is full. If you use certain spices such as salt, onions, and curry, they are often calorie free, and they make you less likely to overeat.

Third, limit your salt intake. While it can of course help you to eat less because it is a tastant technically speaking, the sodium found in salt can actually hold onto water and make you bloated and uncomfortable, not to mention making you gain a fair amount of weight.

Fourth, eat a little more protein. You don’t have to go on an all protein diet, nor do you have to go out and buy protein shakes. But something as simple as adding an egg in the morning could help you to eat less during the day, and it has been shown to improve the fat burning ability of those who eat more of it.

And finally, take a little time for entertainment. Obviously, laughing can burn more excess calories, and they have found that laughing for just 15 minutes a day works the abs and facial muscles. It can burn up to 40 calories, which is the equivalent of walking half a mile. It should not replace exercise. But it can help in small ways.

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