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Slim Diet Patch Review

Nowadays, diet industry offers everyone who struggles with excessive weight many additional options which can make it easier to attain desirable aims and decrease time necessary for this. And Slim Diet Patch is one of such options.


Slim Diet Patch is an innovative development of Bauer Nutrition which is an internationally renowned company specializing in the production of top-notch weight loss and sports nutrition supplements.
The company created a special diet patch to give people who want to fight extra pounds a chance to do this without a need for any pills. The patch contains only natural ingredients. It can be used as a safe round-the-clock auxiliary tool on the way to a slim body. Since the patch is effective and very convenient, the number of people wishing to use it is growing.

How It Works

The creation of diet patch is based on the use of transdermal technology. This technology implies the delivery of active ingredients directly into the body where they start acting just immediately. It means that the application of such technology enabled the manufacturer to produce the patch with 95% nutrient absorption rate. So, the components available in the patch work for your weight loss almost entirely.
This mechanism of action is a compelling advantage of this patch over the pills helping cope with overweight. Thus, in case of pills, you should wait till the active ingredients fully pass through the digestive system. As opposed to the pills, the patch effects become noticeable very quickly.
According to the manufacturer, only a few weeks of the patch application will be enough to enjoy the satisfactory results. It’s possible to continue the patch use as long as the circumstances require.


This diet patch has a number of advantages which make people use it more and more frequently:

  • Increased metabolic rate
  • Enhancement of fat burning process
  • Complete naturalness
  • Promptness of action
  • 24 hour weight loss support
  • Possibility to avoid pill intake


There are 3 natural ingredients which fill the diet patch. They are as follows:

Seaweed Extract

Also called Fucus Vesiculosus, this ingredient has long won fame in homeopathy. Being derived of seaweed, this extract contains a large amount of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. These active substances lay a great foundation for effective weight loss. However, the most valuable active substance available in Fucus is iodine. The latter one gives a boost to thyroid function making it better regulate metabolism. It means that metabolic rate speeds up and hence stubborn body fat reduces. Also, iodine deficiency leads to fatigue and apathy which even exacerbate during a diet. So, additional iodine supply via the patch will maintain your energy levels high to help you work out more intensely.

Acai Fruit Extract

The other name of this ingredient is Euterpe Oleracea. It’s a strong weight loss remedy. It’s loaded with phytosterols, amino acids, and essential fatty acids able to urge your body to melt fat faster and therefore slenderize. In particular, Omega-6 and Omega-3 accelerate metabolism to successfully get rid of excessive fat. Amino acids facilitate recovery after working out. Phytosterols improve nutrient absorption due to which you can take the greatest advantage out of the patch.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

This ingredient is also known as Camellia Sinensis. Its high potential to promote weight loss is widely recognized. The extract is filled with catechins, which are the antioxidants able to protect cells. There is also epigallocatechin gallate, which is a catechin that stimulates calorie burning process, enhances thermogenesis, and activates metabolism. As a result, fat breakage intensifies.

Usage Guidelines

The diet patch can be put on your shoulder, arm, back or thigh. Regardless of place you choose for the patch application, you should firstly remove hair there, as well as make certain the skin is dry and clean. One patch remains active for 24 hours. After this, you should replace it with a new one, but choose the new place of application for it. You can use patches till you reach your weight loss goals.


Now the price for this diet patch is just $49.99 meaning that you will spend $10 less comparing to the previous price.
There are also multi-purchase deals. Thus, when you buy 2 patches, you will get 1 patch for free. When you purchase 3 patches, you are going to receive a favorable gift; that is, 3 patches absolutely for free.
The manufacturer provides a price match guarantee to ensure that you pay the lowest price for the product.
Shipping is quick and free of charge regardless of the country from which you order the product.

Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturer proves the superior quality and reliability of its patch with a money back guarantee that lasts for 60 days. You don’t run the hazard of losing your money. In such a way, you can be completely sure of your money safety in case that you don’t feel fully satisfied with the results of product use.

The Bottom Line

Slim Diet Patch is a weight loss solution which may support your major efforts aimed at getting a slender body. It’s safe and natural due to the availability of effective herbal ingredients which mildly act through skin. This product can catch the fancy of people for whom the pill intake is inappropriate for any reason.
Though it’s worth trying a patch to stimulate weight loss, it’s obvious that you will reach the best results if you choose the trusted dietary supplement such as PhenQ. In fact, PhenQ is the leader in our ranking of the most powerful natural diet pill offers. This is a cutting-edge non-synthetic weight loss pill comprised of high-quality ingredients. It perfectly deals with the tasks of appetite suppression, metabolism speed-up, fat elimination, prevention of fat accumulation, and energy upsurge. As a result, a scientifically based formula quickly promotes flawless and natural weight loss.